Slot machine test: Medusa

Alone with their eyes she can take you completely around the mind. Medusa has a very interesting effect on those who are against. This is due to the hair of her head, that consists of zischelnden snakes. You look at her, it turns into stone. But don't worry, because is it much more peaceful in the online slots Medusa. Here nothing to rock solidifies. On the contrary, with a little luck the winnings on your account only so will hike, without that Medusa is harming anyone. Basically, it is the fate of a sad romance, because man relationships Medusa with not much on the hat. In the slot machines she brings hence big advantages, for example with the Baden re spins or the once-bitten-bonus. Let you this Quickfire Slot in Greek mythology put in, now directly online to play Medusa.

Play Medusa online now!

Medusa online play

The overall design is very consistent and reflects a good picture of the rich Greek mythology. It comes not only to beautiful views, but also real content and there has to offer for example 25 Payline slot machine Medusa. These lines run across the five reels, covering five fields. You can optionally turn off the lines, however, you have the greatest impact on profit with all 25 pay lines. That order must be made, allowing only profit.

Series are made with the same motives and usually consist of at least three and maximum of five identical symbols. Each symbol has a multiplier for each possible row length. This will be charged with your usage, if you should win. Therefore decides also your willingness to take risks, how much money you can win. You can reset the usage before each round, or you can just leave. It is for you to find a good mix to consume not all credits at once, but keep still high gains.

The slot game symbols in the Medusa online slot

The symbols in Medusa are no surprise, at least from the perspective of Greek mythology. Here you get what is also expected and is also good at this title. There would be the peer that is one of the lowest. Furthermore, amphora and grapes are high-quality. The winged shoes, as well as the snake and the coin go more and have correspondingly better multipliers to offer. The fossil fighters is outbid with the Spear of the temple. Both symbols are analysed even from two fields.

What is a real slot machine which has to offer the one or the other bonus feature. In the case of Medusa, that would be for example the Pegasus icon. The winged horse appears three times, your profits can be increased yet again with up to a factor of 50.

The Medusa symbol counts as scatter. That counts for themselves alone, can be especially spins but win. The soldier can give you Super spins and Medusa as wild as a face. Thus, the good wife becomes the Joker and substitutes for other symbols. In this way you can complete series through multiple paylines,.

Slot machines instructions of Medusa

You want Medusa to play online, then you can get started right. You can choose between fun mode and use with real money, where you can win even real money of course, only in the latter case. Charged slot casino account are you doing your bets in Medusa and can screw it before each new rotation. Effectively you change your bet with the adjustment of the paylines.

Least you can increase your winnings by even without new turning. The risk of card's available in Medusa. Tapping on red or black and if you are right, your income increases. The alternative is what is at least a 50% chance of loss of the entire round profit,